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Lines I wrote for you 3

Lines I wrote for you

I miss you a lot and it troubles my heart when i see you with someone else it makes my eyes melt rolling through the cheeks my tears flow down and get disappear when...

Some beautiful memories¹ 0

Some beautiful memories¹

He looked at the moon and then to the streets. A lovely couple were walking, holding hands and smiling. He smiled, thought how beautiful life was when he had her in his life. Again...

Erased 1 36


  He has been forgotten, No one remembers the old days His has been erased from the list of their names He received no greetings From the old pals How sad it is He’s...

Some beautiful lies 2 3

Some beautiful lies

I was lost in your eyes for so long that  I took me a while to realize it was just a photograph How come I never noticed that You were never the one All those...

Perfect. 3 2


how can you move on so easily i am passing through the hell was it supposed to be like this or is there any curse that you spelled but no more hate and no...

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