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I’ll burn the darkness, You bring the joy & Together, We will look for Peace.

Sometimes i feel

my poems are getting old,

there are no stories left untold.

And then i ask questions to myself.

“do i really have  no stories to tell”

“i mean i thought i had a library of literature in my mind,

literature of my own kind.”

and i don’t recall telling every single one of them to the people.

“so, where are they ?”i speak to me again.

you don’t know how beautiful you are.

I’ve told the tale of

the moon,

the beauty of the raindrops fall,

the new year eve,

the way she smiles

& I’ve told about the time when it was clean and clear to me that changes happen she’s gone.

I’ve shown you how slowly the pigeons fly.

I wrote letters which i never sent
since i last heard from you

I’ll never forget you

There is this letter you’ll never receive

i showed you the limits of the suspension bridge
a beautiful temple, a world heritage from my place

I showed you something even better than these

PicsArt_09-08-04.50.34[1]the cats and dogs i once came across.

the time when i once woke up to see the sunrise.

and there’s the time when we watched the sunset till the moon shone so bright that we gazed it all the night.

i wonder how fast the time flies

and the rain falls whenever i leave for a long night journey

You should join me too

We will walk beneath the moon

& If you feel alone

You know who you should come to

And whom you need to stay with.wp-1516901030806.


I’ve traveled through the colors

Through the green woods to the red love

In the brown soil with the silver pride

With the yellow umbrella

when the black,white and gray clouds

covered the blue sky.

love quote

And then

I wrote a poem, my friend

A poem about how i fall in love

I remember being a free soul,

How you came in my life

And conquered me.

Falling in love with you

Was so beautiful feeling

That it haunted me thinking

What will I ever do

If you walk away.


Remember the time

When you said you do love me in the midnight

That was the moment

Everything was perfect for me.

Then the time came

When everything changed

My name in your heart got erased

I sometimes wonder if I was so bad

That all my old friend became new strangers, just like you

I still miss you sometime
I still get the same vibes
When i listen to your favorite song
Or watch the movie you loved the most.

beautiful scenery

I heard you found someone new

Does he know how perfect your smile is?

Does he spent his nights looking at the ceiling of his room

Thinking about you, when you’re away.

Does he makes you feel how wonderful you are

Cause I always thought you were a star.

I don’t blame you for what you did

But I really want to ask was it worth it ?

Was the man now you love worth breaking my heart again and again.

A little of you, I’m addicted to

love quote
Love ♥♥

Your smile gives me motivation

Because it was you

Who told me some beautiful lies

I feel like I’ve moved on

But then these random thoughts

Slowly come in my mind

Everything I am now is because of you

You are the reason, I’ve become a better man.

without you I’ll fade.

You know habits die hard

And me, I’m a moon full of scars

So I’ll be waiting for you somewhere
Cause its my destiny

And this is my Life

And it’s a beautiful life

These are the Lines i wrote for you



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