My Logo Design Proces

I made my first logo in the December of 2018 for my website, Arthabihin. Now, six years later I can say my logo design process has made some progress.

My design journey started by accident in college when I needed a logo for my blog. This led me to discover The Futur, a YouTube channel about design, and I was hooked.

My first professional logo design gig was during Covid-19 and I ended up making multiple useless variations for a client new to branding, just as I was new to designing for clients.

Logo design process

…terrible, I know

This experience taught me the critical importance of understanding client needs.

Requirement Gathering: The Foundation of Effective Logo Design

Some clients know exactly what they want, while others only realize what they want when they see it.

Meeting the Stakeholders

The design process begins with meetings with the clients. It can either be online or in person.
Whether I’m meeting with an individual, a group of founders, or a company team, the goal is to thoroughly understand the business, its audience, and its vision.
This foundational understanding informs the entire design process, ensuring that the logo effectively represents the brand.

Understanding the Vision, Values and Voice

Vision: We align the design with your long-term goals, ensuring it represents both your current identity and future aspirations.

Values: The logo reflects the core principles, like innovation or integrity, influencing its colors, shapes, and overall aesthetic.

Voice: The design mirrors the brand’s communication style, whether it’s friendly, professional, or bold, to resonate with your audience effectively.

Defining these statements early helps me decide to choose a direction on designing the branding.

It begins with brainstorming words related to the brand or business Clarifying:
– what a business does,
– who it serves, and
– what it stands for
is crucial to ensure that the logo we create resonates well with the target audience and aligns perfectly with the business

Assisting Clients in Articulating Their Brand Identity

Often, clients struggle to express their vision, values, and voice.
My role extends beyond design; it involves facilitating brainstorming sessions to help clarify:
What the business does
Who it serves
What it stands for
This clarity ensures that the logo resonates with the target audience and aligns perfectly with the business’s ethos.

Choosing the Right Type of Logo

We talk about what type of logo fits their need and is suitable for the company.
It can be monogram, logomark, mascot, etc.


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