Why do i hate the rain, she often used to ask. Only if i knew it then, Why’d i need mere water  When my own tears can drench me ☺

Because of you

and a new day starts with a lots of memories of the crazy moments and some like kind of tragedies but the good thing is that life is no more… Read More »

Am i so bad ?

am i so bad that you regret on making me your first choice am i so bad that my voice sounds you like any other noise but girl i never… Read More »
Perfect. 1


how can you move on so easily i am passing through the hell was it supposed to be like this or is there any curse that you spelled but no… Read More »
new year it was.

New year it was.

New year it was. It looks so yummy”, she said to herself as she gazed through the window of a bakery shop. All those cakes and pastries brought water into… Read More »

Clean and clear

Why am i bothered just by thinking about you? It’s not like I’m afraid of losing you, you were never mine in the first place. Then why? Why don’t feel… Read More »

an old friend, a new stranger

Heart will beat like it does now But it won’t whisper your name Mind will remind me of all these memories But your pictures won’t be framed